this sacred song you’ve conducted has awakened me… i know myself now! i am the sage of the wind temple…

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Juan Gatti. Ciencias Naturales. Anatomical Collage.

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What I’m listening to this morning while I’m at #work. 🎧🎶🎵🎼 #BillsCardinal #BirdsOfAFeather #BOAF #SuicideSilence #YouCantStopMe #wizkhalifa #blacchollywood #Emmure #EternalEnemies

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501. Muggleborns accidentally calling Dumbledore “Gandalf”.


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"There is something inherently valuable about being a misfit. It’s not to say that every person who has artistic talent was a social outcast, but there is definitely a value for identifying yourself differently and being proud that you are different."

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the chicken crop is finally sprouting

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that pelvic thrust is so vicious

go AWF

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it’s so weird that people are shaming Beyonce for being sexual during her performance when literally in the speech in flawless says “We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are." Like how do you miss the point that bad

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