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I was DJing on Saturday night so obviously I needed to wear a lobster galaxy bikini.

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Why is body love so hard to grasp? We spend all of our time fighting against ourselves that we forget to soldier up and fight for ourselves. Because in the end, all we truly have.. Is ourselves and that in itself should be enough to go to war. Our minds control our wakes and slumbers. Our limbs are the ones that roll us out of bed every day, and sometimes not at all. Our lungs shudder anxiety with every inhale yet exhale relief and satisfaction. And our hearts, oh.. Our hearts, keep beating even after every shit storm of a day. And for what? For us to just keep shitting on em’ out of self hate?

I will be the first person to say that in all of my years of existence I would’ve never, ever, posted a picture like this. So why now? If there is anything I’ve learned over the past year it’s that the human body is hilarious in every way yet truly remarkable and weight loss is onehellofa trip. You wake up one day and half of the weight you used to hide behind and throw around is gone. You no longer have that pillow to suffocate yourself with, that mask you used to identify with and you find yourself wondering who the hell you are or where you went in the first place.

Personally, I have never loved myself like I do now. I only loved myself on conditions; when I was dancing, when I could make someone laugh, or whenever I was hidden behind some type of flattering light and fabric. That is no way to treat your human, let alone spirit. What we crave as a whole is unconditional love. We want someone to curl up with us and comb through our hair whenever we look a mess and had a long day. But we’re never willing to do the same for ourselves? Why is that? Why must we always search for self gratification from outside sources? It is sad that this concrete jungle we live in has made it socially acceptable to tell one another “I love you” without questioning the true definition but outrageous to tell someone to genuinely “love themselves.”

So with that said, and all my thickness as vulnerable as ever for the eyes to see. I challenge, no.. I beg of you; to love yourself. One day at a time, take the time, to love every little; curve, crevice, dimple, bone, muscle.. and so on. Thank your little toe for always being there for your big toe. Thank your ass for its never ending support and healthy bowel system. Thank your smile for always lighting up the sky and those around you. Just.. thank yourself for being you. There is only ONE of YOU. So take care; physically, spiritually but most of all mentally. Self hate is no way to live. It’s just a slower form of suicide.

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I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

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Here is a fat babe to encourage you on your journey to self love.

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